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AMT Dongle [Android Multi Tool]V1.1.4

Date 2021-02-20 03:17:25
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Software version: V1.1.4
Release date: 19 February 2021

AMT Dongle Powerful Smart Phone Tool V1.1.4 released

* OPPO MTK wipe and reset operation fixed for eMMC type
* added OPPO MTK wipe and reset UFS/5G/Android 11 / January 2021 security patch
via meta mode
‏* MT6779
‏* MT6779V
‏* Helio G35 (12 nm)
‏* Helio G70 (12 nm)
‏* Helio G85 (12 nm)
‏* MT6785 Helio G90T (12 nm)
‏* MT6889Z Dimensity 1000+
‏* MT6873 Dimensity 800U 5G
‏* MT6873V Dimensity 800 5G
‏* MT6853V Dimensity 720 5G
‏* MT6833 Dimensity 700 5G

* support more EMI types to load DRAM Config for BOOTROM port Boot Process Initialization
* MTK permanent IMEI fix in flash mode
* MTK permanent/Temporary IMEI fix in AT mode
* OPPO show more build prop info details while reading info operation
* EMI Booting Process fixed
* Adeed MTK_BLOADER_INFO_V30/32/35/40/45 config to support [MT6762 MT676265 MT678X] DRAM Initialization
* added more Supported OPPO models [MT6771V] Wipe and Reset via meta mode
* Preloader Port detection proplem fixed

Added BootRom Security Bypass Exploits for following SoC
Auto Security config detect and bypass
* MT6735
* MT6737
* MT6739
* MT6750
* MT6755
* MT6765
* MT6771
* MT6785
* MT6572
* MT8127
* MT8163
* MT8173
* MT8695
* MT6768

MTK BootRom Protocol re-cusmized for:
* MT6739
* MT6572
* MT6582
* MT6592
* MT6571
* MT6595
* MT8127
* MT6752
* MT2601
* MT8173
* MT6795
* MT6735
* MT6580
* MT8590
* MT8163
* MT8518
* MT8168
* MT6755
* MT6797
* MT6570
* MT6757
* MT8167
* MT6763
* MT6758
* MT6771
* MT8695
* MT6799
* MT6799
* MT6765
* MT6761
* MT6768
* MT6779
* MT6885
* MT6785

list of tetsed oppo models for wipe/reset in meta mode
Oppo A72 5G
‏Oppo A55 5G
‏Oppo A73 5G
‏Oppo K7x
‏Oppo A92s

‏Oppo F17 Pro
‏Oppo F17
‏Oppo Reno3 Pro
‏Oppo Reno3
‏Oppo Reno Z
‏Oppo Reno 4F
‏Oppo Reno 4 Lite
‏Oppo Reno 2Z
‏Oppo A93

‏CPH2001 F15
‏CPH1989 RENO 2F
‏CPH2021 A91
‏CPH1835 R15
‏CPH1969 F11 Pro
‏CPH1911 F11
‏CPH1913 F11
‏CPH1915 F11
‏CPH1969 F11 Pro
‏CPH1987 F11 Pro
‏CPH2039 F11 Pro
‏CPH2063 F11 Pro
‏CPH1823 F9
‏CPH1825 F9 Pro
‏CPH1881 F9
‏CPH1819 F7
‏CPH1811 F7
‏CPH1821 F7
‏CPH1938 A9
‏CPH1837 A3
‏CPH1869 Realme 1
‏CPH1859 Realme 1 / F7 Youth
‏CPH1861 Realme 1
‏PCPM00 A91
‏PCPT00 A9
‏PACM00 R15
‏PACT00 R15
‏PADM00 A3
‏PADT00 A3
‏PCAM10 A9
‏PCAT10 Reno Lite
‏PCEM00 A9x
‏PCET00 A9x
‏PCPM00 A91
‏PCPT00 A91
‏Oppo A7X
‏CPH1723 F5
‏CPH1727 F5
‏CPH1725 F5 Youth
‏CPH1729 A83
‏CPH1827 A83
‏CPH1923 OPPO A1k
‏CPH1925 OPPO A1s
‏CPH1926 OPPO A1k
‏CPH2015 OPPO A31
‏CPH2029 OPPO A31
‏CPH2031 OPPO A31
‏CPH2073 OPPO A31
‏CPH2081 OPPO A31
‏CPH2071 OPPO A11k
‏CPH2077 OPPO A12
‏CPH2083 OPPO A12
‏CPH2185 OPPO A15
‏CPH2179 OPPO A15
‏CPH1909 OPPO A5s
‏CPH1910 OPPO A5s
‏CPH1912 OPPO A5s

‏Realme X7 Pro
‏Realme X7
‏Realme Q2 Pro
‏Realme Q2
‏Realme Q2i
‏Realme V15 5G
‏Realme 7 5G RMX2111
‏Realme 7i
‏Realme V15 5G
‏Realme X7
‏Realme V3 5G
‏Realme Narzo 20
‏Realme Narzo 10A
‏Realme Narzo 10
‏Realme 6S
‏Realme C3i
‏RMX2040 Realme 6i
‏RMX2001 Realme 6
‏RMX2020 Realme C3
‏RMX3061 Realme C20
‏RMX3063 Realme C20
‏RMX2186 Realme C15
‏RMX2180 Realme C15
‏RMX2189 Realme C12
‏RMX2181 Realme C11
‏RMX2182 Realme C11
‏RMX2183 Realme C11
‏RMX2184 Realme C11
‏RMX2185 Realme C11
‏RMX2187 Realme C11
‏RMX1941 Realme C2
‏RMX1945 Realme C2
‏RMX1827 Realme 3i
‏RMX1821 Realme 3
‏RMX1822 Realme 3
‏RMX1823 Realme 3
‏RMX1825 Realme 3

NOTE: for FM Imei Fix/change - [Signed/Crypted/OTP/Locked NNVRAM is not supported]
*********** New features / Enhancement / Bug Fix ***************************************
[BootRom] * Updated DA & BootRom base to support new Flash chipset's.
[BootRom] * BootRom FL/Protocol/configuration Update for new MTK Chip variants/ID.
[BootRom] * MTK internal lib update to support new Flash chipset's [NAND/eMMC/SDEmmc].
[MetaLib] * Updated MetaCore base to support new Flash chipset's.
[ChipIDB] * MT6771V support optimized [META Protocol].
[General] * Updated BROM + META Core Libraries to support latest MTK Chip variants/ID.
[General] * Fixed minor bugs + Software general optimization.
[Bug Fix] * crash due to WatchDogTimeout Exceptions issues.
*********** New features / Enhancement / Bug Fix ***************************************

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